Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of sex

A lack of sexuality so total that her smart dresses and also significant-make-up manufactured her pathetic; like an unsuccessful geisha —John Fowles

(Lucille’s aunt had) wrapped her possess dank virginity round her like a person sharing a mackintosh —Elizabeth Bowen

the quality of getting interesting to people today of the opposite sexual intercourse. That actress has sex appeal. aantreklikheid جاذِبِيَّه جِنْسِيَّه сексапил sex-charm pohlavní přitažlivost der Sexappeal sexappeal σεξαπίλ, ερωτική έλξη atractivo sexual, sexual intercourse-charm seksapiil جذابيت جنسي seksuaalinen vetovoima charme sensuel מְשִיכָה מִינִית यौन आकर्षण seksipil, spolna privlačnost nemi vonzóerő daya tarik seks kynþokki sex attraction 性的魅力 성적 매력 seksualinis patrauklumas seksuālā pievilcība daya penarik seks sex-appealerotisk tiltrekning intercourse charm جنسي جذابيت intercourse-attractiveness sexual intercourse appeal сексапильность pohlavná príťažlivosť spolna privlačnost seksualna privlačnost erotisk dragningskraft, sex appeal เสน่ห์ที่ทำให้เพศตรงกันข้ามหลงรัก cinsî cazibe 性感 сексуальна привабливість جنسی کشش sự quyến rũ tình dục 性感

carnal abuse - any lascivious contact by an adult Using the sexual organs of a youngster (Particularly not involving sexual intercourse)

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The Females who were being now standing about the jail-doorway stood within fewer than 50 percent a century from the period when the male-like Elizabeth had been the not completely unsuitable consultant in the sexual intercourse.

sexual matters normally modifier 6. of or about sexual matters: intercourse education and learning, sex hygiene 7. based upon or arising from the difference between the sexes: intercourse discrimination verb eight. (transitive) to ascertain the sex of Word Origin C14: from Latin sexus; Examine secāre to divide intercourse-

Profiting from another person sexually within a cruel way. seksuele mishandeling سوء مُعاملَه جِنْسِيَّه ، إعْتِداء جِنْسي сексуален обида abuso sexual pohlavní zneužívání der sexuelle Mißbrauch seksuelt misbrug σεξουαλική κακοποίηση abuso sexual seksuaalne kuritarvitamine سوء استفاده جنسي seksuaalinen hyväksikäyttö abus sexuel תְקִיפָה מִינִית यौन उत्पीड़न seksualno zlostavljanje szexuális visszaélés/zaklatás (brutális módon) pemerkosaan violenza sessuale 性的虐待 성적 확대 seksualinė prievarta seksuāla izmantošana penderaan seksual seksuele mishandeling seksuelt misbruk wykorzystywać seksualnie سو استفاده сексуальное насилие pohlavné zneužitie spolna zloraba seksualno zlostavljanje sexuellt övergrepp การกระทำทารุณทางเพศ cinsel taciz 性虐待 сексуальне насильство جنسی غلط کاری lạm dụng tình dục 性虐待

class, course, family members - a set of matters sharing a typical attribute; "there are two lessons of detergents"

A innovative new approach to mental wellness their explanation diagnosis delivers new ways to take care of outdated diagnostic controversies.

geslagsagtig جِنْسِيّاً сексуално sexualmente pohlavně sexuell seksuelt σεξουαλικά sexualmente suguliselt از لحاظ تناسلي seksuaalisesti sexuellementמיני लैंगिक रूप से spolno, seksualno nemileg secara seksual kynferðislega sessualmente 性的に 성적으로 lytiškai seksuāli; dzimumceļā tentang seks geslachtelijkkjønnsmessig, seksuelt płciowo د جنسی sexualmente sexual сексуально pohlavne spolno seksualno sexuellt ในทางเพศ cinsel olarak 在性方面 статево, сексуально جنسی اعتبار سے thuộc các vấn đề sinh lý, giới tính 性别上地,两性之间地

If you are with someone that has your again, whatever the entire world throws at you can be handled. It’s remarkable the amount of ability You can find inside of a loving marriage.

Our Residing Language  : Thanks to highschool biology, we are resource accustomed to pondering the sex of the organism as becoming based on the chromosomes, notably the sexual intercourse chromosome in people (specified X or Y). But this isn't The complete story, and it applies universally only to mammals and birds. In other animals intercourse is often determined by environmental components and is usually a variable phenomenon. In the species of slipper limpet (Crepidula fornicata), a sort of mollusk, all people today commence everyday living as women. Clinging to rocks and to one another, they variety piles. The limpet in addition to the pile adjustments into a male. If A different limpet attaches by itself in addition to the male limpet, the newcomer gets to be male, along with the male limpet beneath it reverts to remaining feminine. These slipper limpets exhibit the evolutionarily advanced function of internal fertilization, and the male on top extends his reproductive organ down the pile of ladies down below him to fertilize their eggs.

to have a significant/reduced sexual intercourse generate → tener la libido or líbido alta/baja, tener mucho/poco apetito sexual

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